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Litter Challenge Mini-Grant

Please review the following information and guidelines before completing the application


  • A minimum of six (6) participants are required for each challenge. Groups with less than six (6) members must obtain approval from the Borough's Clean Communities Coordinator prior to submitting an application. Each group must provide one (1) adult supervisor for every three (3) youth members under age 17.
  • Challenges will be assigned by the Borough's Clean Communities Coordinator and may consist of parks, roadways, public areas, storm drains or a combination of locations.
  • Challenge supplies and materials will be provided by the Borough's Clean Communities Coordinator. These items will be made available prior to the start of the challenge. All unused items must be returned to the Coordinator within two (2) business days following the completion of the challenge.
  • Each group is responsible for reporting the litter collected using the "Litterati" mobile app; the app is available on Apple and Google Play devices. At least one participant must be assigned with photographing and documenting the litter using the app. This is required in order to receive credit for completing the challenge. Prior to the start of the challenge the group will be provided with a challenge ID to be entered in Litterati.
  • Each group must also submit the post-challenge report which will be e-mailed to the group leader prior to the start of the challenge. 
  • Each group is required to complete the challenge during the time period scheduled. Any group that has an insufficient number of participants will be rescheduled once. Requests for schedule changes must be submitted to the Borough Clean Communities Coordinator 48-hours prior to the start of the challenge.
  • Mini-Grants will be awarded for fully completed challenges only. There will be no award issued for partially completed challenges, if the supplied materials are not returned and/or the challenge is not documented in the Litterati App along with submission of the post-challenge report.
  • The Group Leader must contact the Lodi DPW, 973-365-4068 in the morning, the next business day immediately following an individual litter challenge with the location of the bags. The bags of litter will only be collected from a public location, ideally, a public park nearest the challenge location. If a challenge is being completed during the week, Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm, the bags of litter can be disposed of at the DPW, please call the office prior to dropping them off to ensure an employee is available to assist.
  • Each group is responsible for all transportation necessary to complete the challenge.
  • Each group must conduct a safety briefing prior to the start of the challenge and review together all necessary safety guidelines as well as "Litterati" participant guide.
  • Each group must provide a "Certificate of Liability Insurance", designate the Borough of Lodi as the endorsed certificate holder of the event.