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Central Services Division

Open Public Records Requests

The Lodi Police Department has a separate Records Custodian responsible for addressing requests for Police Reports and Police Department related documents. Requests for Lodi Police Department documents under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) may be submitted to the Police Department's Records Custodian through the Records Division by completing the Police Department OPRA Form, this form may also be completed in-person by visiting the Police Department. 

All requests will be reviewed by the Division Commander for compliance with the Act and processed in a time manner according to the law.

To submit an OPRA for Borough related documents (Non-Police) please visit the Borough Clerk's OPRA page.

Firearms Identification

If you wish to apply for a NJ Firearms ID Card, Purchase Permit and/or CCW Conceal Carry Permit please visit the NJ State Police website:

Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit ( 

Concealed Carry Permits (


Civilian Carry Assessment and Range Evaluation (CCARE) Protocol Memo

Civilian Carry Assessment and Range Evaluation (CCARE) Protocol

New Jersey State Police Firearms Forms to Download

Police Accident Reports (NJTR1)

Accident Reports are available at not cost from the Lodi Police Department during normal business hours, Monday-Friday or online via Lexis Nexis (charges may apply).

Good Conduct Letters

“Good Conduct Letters” are commonly needed for immigration purposes, Visa’s etc. The Lodi Police Department is only permitted to perform computer checks for conduct and criminal records which may have occurred in the Borough of Lodi from the year 1994 to Present. If you need a full criminal history check prior to 2004 you must follow the procedures outlined at the New Jersey State Police web site at and look for the appropriate forms concerning “Good Conduct”

In order for any checks to be made for the Borough of Lodi, they must be done in person at the police station and you must provide valid government identification with a photo showing a current Lodi address within the Borough of Lodi. You MUST be a Lodi resident for at least one (1) year.

Requests for Discovery

All requests for discovery by attorneys representing clients must be made in writing, specifying what is requested of the department for compliance with the request and must be made on official letterhead from the firm or individual requesting such documents.

Defendant request for discovery must also be in writing and made in the same fashion as above.

All fees regarding discovery request are governed by ordinance and are on a sliding scale based on total documents requested, media reproduction cost, time required for request, etc. Fees for specific request are available by contacting

Residential & Business Alarms

The Borough of Lodi enacted an Ordinance on March 9, 2009, which covers security alarms installed in residences and businesses. This Ordinance has some stipulations with regard to obtaining permits for alarm systems and the renewal of these permits on a yearly basis. The failure for someone who does not register their alarm or renew their permit with the Lodi Police Department will be subject to a fine of up to $50.00 as stated in the Ordinance. Residential & Business Alarm Registration Form

Project Medicine Drop   

Residents may drop off their unwanted medications 24/7 at the Lodi Police Department. Simply walk into Police Headquarters and drop your unwanted medication into the large painted mailbox with the Project Medicine Drop logo on it. For your privacy, be sure to remove or black-out any identifying information. 

Needles/Syringes of any kind are NOT accepted.