Marriage License Application Request Form

Once your request is received it will be reviewed, if the requirements stated on the "Marriage License Application Process" page are met you will receive an email with a link to the electronic Marriage License Application, instructions for the completing the application as well as information regarding the next steps of the process. If you do not meet the requirements a denial email will be sent to you.

You may only apply for a Marriage License in the Borough of Lodi if:

  • One or both applicants is a resident of the Borough of Lodi and the ceremony is taking place within New Jersey
    (If you are getting married in a state other than New Jersey you must apply in that state)
  • You are an out of state resident whose ceremony is taking place within the Borough of Lodi
  • If both applicants are residents of a town other than Lodi you must apply in the town where you live. Even if your ceremony is taking place in Lodi, if you live in another town you must apply there.