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Liquor Licenses

New Jersey’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (NJ ABC) regulates the sale and consumption of alcohol in the state but delegates the routine licensing and enforcement tasks to the individual municipalities. Within the Municipality, the Borough Council serves as the issuing authority and the Borough Clerk’s office handles the issuance, renewal and transfer of liquor licenses within the Borough of Lodi.


Most Liquor Licensing activities undertaken by the licensee (exception: see below for Renewals) are to be initiated via the submission of the NJ ABC's 12-page Application for Retail Alcoholic Beverage License which is to be completed and submitted in triplicate (three (3) copies) with Original Signatures and fees to the Borough Clerk.

The above linked application is to be used for new club licenses, person-to-person and/or place-to-place transfers, partnership changes, changes in corporate structure and extensions of the license to an administrator, executor, trustee or other court-appointed fiduciary.

Depending on the purpose of the application, some fields may not be applicable and thus not required to be completed. Refer to the detailed instructions included in the application packet.

In some instances such as Person-to-Person and/or Place-to-Place Transfers, additional forms or legal advertisements may be required, at the end of this page you will find a checklist, useful forms and sample advertisements.

For the 12-page application, a certified check or money order for the State's fee of $200.00 made payable to "Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control" as well as a certified check or money order for the applicable Borough fee (see below) made payable to "Borough of Lodi" must accompany the application.


The licensing period for Liquor Licenses runs from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. Licenses MUST be renewed annually prior to June 30th via the NJ ABC's Online Posse System. The system will prompt the licensee to submit e-payment for the State's renewal fee. Licensee's are required to submit the Borough's renewal fee directly to the Borough Clerk's Office via certified check or money order made payable to the "Borough of Lodi".

Prior to the license being considered for renewal the licensee MUST ensure that the Renewal Application was submitted via POSSE, both the State Fee and Municipal Fee is paid, that a current Tax Clearance Certificate for Renewal has been filed with the NJ Division of Taxation.

Licensees who hold an inactive/pocket license must petition to the Director of the NJ ABC to allow renewal of an inactive license. Submission of the Verified Petition is done through the POSSE System and must be approved by the Director prior to the Borough considering the license for renewal. 

  Social Affairs Permits

Must be applied for at least 3 weeks in advance through the NJ ABC’s POSSE System

Nonprofit organizations that wish to hold a fundraising event at which alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase must submit an application for a permit authorizing this activity. Pursuant to state code, the monies derived from the event should be used for civic, religious, educational or other purposes that are not for personal or profit making corporate gain. Organizations are limited to 12 one-day special permits in a calendar year. The fee for this permit is $100.00 per day for civic, religious and educational organizations and $150.00 for any other type of nonprofit organization.

  Fees to be Paid to the Borough of Lodi via the Borough Clerk's Office
Refer to the State's application to determine how their fees are to be paid

New License & Annual Renewal Fees

  • Club (#31)                                          $163.50
  • Plenary Retail Consumption (#33)     $904.70
  • Plenary Retail Distribution (#44)        $675.80

Person-to-Person Transfer

  • 10% of the Annual Renewal Fee
    • Plenary Retail Consumption (#33)     $90.47
    • Plenary Retail Distribution (#44)        $67.58

Place-to-Place Transfer

  • 10% of the Annual Renewal Fee
    • Plenary Retail Consumption (#33)     $90.47
    • Plenary Retail Distribution (#44)        $67.58

Person-to-Person & Place-to-Place Transfer (completed simultaneously)

  • 20% of the Annual Renewal Fee
    • Plenary Retail Consumption (#33)     $180.94
    • Plenary Retail Distribution (#44)        $135.16

    Transfer Checklist

  12-Page Application

  Bulk Sale Permit Application

   Written Consent to Transfer Form

   Newspaper Publication Notice Form

  Certification of License Transfer Date

  Notification of Sale, Transfer or Assignment