6/26/2019 - Message regarding Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping Program Infogram

The Borough of Lodi’s Street Sweeping Program has been in effect for many years. In the previous two years, the service was provided by a Public Bid Contract due to the aging of the street sweeping machine and the cost of maintaining and staffing the machine. Previously it was more cost effective to have a private company complete the work. However, for the 2019 bid, the prices for the service tripled in cost and was no longer cost effective.

The Borough has invested in a new sweeper which is expected to be delivered sometime in late August. By leasing with the option to buy, we were still able to remain within the budget amount for this purpose. In the meantime, we are using the old sweeper, which is well past its life cycle and constantly in need of repair.

Street Cleaning is done by coinciding with Alternate Side Parking; however, Alternate Side Parking and the ordinance that governs it, is NOT for street sweeping. The purpose of the Alternate Side Parking Ordinance is to locate abandon, stolen, or disabled vehicles on the street. Street sweeping is secondary to this ordinance.

The Borough is broken up into sections that coincide with the Alternate Side Ordinance. The operator has a schedule of two sections per day, five days a week. This is under normal and perfect conditions without equipment breakdown, weather issues, manpower shortages or unforeseen emergencies that the DPW is usually an integral part of. Sometimes the operator cannot finish both sections in their normal day. When this occurs, the operator will complete that section on the next available day according to the Alternate Side Parking Ordinance. Residents can expect to have their street in most cases swept at least twice a month, but this is by no means a guarantee. What we are saying is, if your street is missed on an Alternate Side day for your block, there are a variety of possible reasons why.

We are exploring changing the schedule when the new sweeper arrives to extend the hours of operation to cover more streets more frequently.